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Invasion Day

Invasion Day

The 26th of January is a date that causes more debate than no other public holiday around the world. Is it Australia Day? Invasion Day? Day of Morning? Who the bloody hell knows.


Ultra Melbourne 2019

Ultra Melbourne 2019

Ultra finally came to Melbourne and what a line up it was, it took them over a week to assemble the stages and it was well worth it.


Carabao Cup Final

Carabao Cup Final

The old guard of Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany and David Silva scored as City thrashed a desperate Arsenal 3-0 to win their first trophy under Pep Guardiola.


Mae Nam Beach

Mae Nam Beach

Mae Nam Beach


Wembley Final

Wembley Final

Wembley Final


White Night Melbourne 2015

White Night Melbourne

It is the time of year again when Melbourne goes dark and the lights get turned on, yes it is White Night Melbourne 2015.


White Night Melbourne

White Night Melbourne

On Saturday night hundreds of thousands of Melburnians filled the city centre for the 12 hour colourful White Night festival which ran from 7pm to 7am.


Seddon mashup

Pool Boy

I have moved out of the hotel I was staying whilst I recovered from my flight from England and I have now set up temporary residence at my friends house in Seddon. I had to get a trolley to help me move all my bags out of the hotel and I was grateful I never took the option to bring a third suitcase to Australia.


Manchester City, Bolton


This was my last game at Manchester City for a few weeks which was against Bolton. I gave up my seat so a friend of a friend could sit with her boyfriend so for the first time I was not sat in my lucky seat. I was actually sat behind the pitch but I did have a very good view of the goal.


bags packed

Back to Manchester

I have decided after careful consideration to take a long and overdue holiday as my last was all way back in August 2008 so YES I will be returning for the start of next month.


iMac 27-inch

iMac 27-inch

I was sorting out some pictures and I realised I had never posted about loosing my mac virginity. Here is a snap of my then new iMac 27-inch with the apple keyboard for illustration purposes only as it gives you pains when you use it for a long time so I have my trusty Logitech Illuminated Keyboard plugged in ready to go. The mouse also had to go, I guess mac people do not usually work for 12 hours straight. What can I say, it is a lot faster than my laptop which overheated and died and I can run both MAX OS X and Windows 7 simultaneously which gives me the best of both world.


australian passport

Citizenship Test

I took my citizenship test for immigration to Australia and passed with a score of 90% and I managed to complete it under 4mins when I had 45mins. I felt a bit sorry for the people who were already doing the test when I walked into the room and then 5mins later I was gone.


Melbourne Victory Grand Final 2007

Grand Final 2007

Friday Night I went on a office pub crawl around Fitzroy. It was a good laugh but with the walking and drinking in the heat I woke up on Saturday in a very bad way. I dont think it helped that the weather topped 100. I was supposed to be viewing flats but I felt so bad I could not more out of my flat so I just sat watching TV with the air con.


Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006

50 Cent

Let me start by wishing Sammy,Josh and Marcus a happy birthday for this week. I sent some cards so you should get them sometime this week.


IT Chinese New Year

IT Xmas Party

This afternoon we had the IT department xmas party. We were picked up at work at 1pm and told to bring comfy shoes and sun cream would be provided. For some reason , maybe due to the extreme warm weather we went bowling , in the same building my flat is in!!!