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Rain Room

Rain Room

I finally managed to get a ticket to the Rain Room in Melbourne which is an exhibition of an 100 square metre field of continuous rainfall. You can walk around and immerse yourself in the rain without getting wet.


Seaford Beach

Seaford Beach

First sunny and warm day of Spring so time to take the roof off and drive to the beach.


end of Europe Summer 2017

adiós España

adiós España hasta el próximo verano






Farewell Lunch

Farewell Lunch

Farewell Lunch


Lump Removed

Lump Removed

I had to have a lump removed from the side of my neck, as this is now my third one I was giving priority with getting an appointment as apparently I am now a regular customer which is not good.


emirates business class lounge melbourne

Flying to Manchester

I flew back to England this evening to surprise my family for my cousins wedding in Manchester. Only my aunty who is planning the wedding, one friend and my dad know I am due to arrive but I had to give my dad a false date in case he tells my mum.


WBA,Manchester City


I went to my first football match yesterday since we drew with Arsenal back in September. It is very unlike me to miss a football match and to go so long without seeing Manchester City play is unheard of unless I am out of the country.


Mint Hotel in Leeds

Mint Hotel

I could not get into my usual hotel this week and as I am staying in Manchester on Tuesday night after the game against Villarreal I thought I would try the Mint Hotel in Leeds.


The Town, Gold Class, Ben Affleck

The Town

My dishwasher is still broke so I decided to go the gold class cinema and have my dinner whilst watching The Town with Ben Affleck. I was quite disappointed with The Town after all the hype it had received but I should have known better when I saw Ben Affleck was in it but the food was outstanding, the mini burgers and shoestring fries were amazing but once again I exceeded the amount of popcorn a human should digest in two hours.


Water Usage 233 litres a day

Water Usage Part 3

I got my third water bill and I managed to reduce my average daily usage from the last quarter but I am still not below my first bill which I am using as my benchmark. It is really hard to comprehend how one person can use an average of 233 litres a day, that is an average which means on a Sunday I must use at least 1000 litres.


New Haircut Oct 2006

New Website

This picture is for everyone who has not seen my new haircut, I suppose that includes everyone apart from Grandpa Casper and Grandma Joyce who I get to see regularly on Skype.


Melbourne Victory vs Sydney FC

Melbourne Victory

I went to the football on Sunday, the sun was shining and I walked along the river to the stadium which made a change from Moss Side.




Yeah get in there :dance::drunk: . The real blues showed those overpaid Londoners.