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Richmond Tigers AFL Grand Final 2019

Richmond Tigers

I sat and watched my first AFL Grand Final and saw Richmond Tigers secure 12th club premiership in Grand Final demolition of GWS Giants.




CamelPhat is a British DJ and production duo, formed in 2008.



Junior Blues

footy with my nephew


Sunset Walk

Sunset Walk

Sunset Walk


marie farewell yum cha

Yum Cha

This Sunday I went for a Sunday brunch Yum Cha at Shark Fin Inn. It was not my usual Sunday morning feed of eggs but it made a really nice change and people were queuing at 11am waiting for them to open.


Real Madrid Manchester City Bernabeu

Real Madrid

I went to Madrid to see Manchester City Football Club play Real Madrid at the Bernabeu which is a stadium I have always dreamt of watching a match at. An extra bonus was that the team I support would be playing Real Madrid in the Champions League and it was a game I could not miss.


Manchester City Napoli Champions League 2011


Last night I went back to Manchester to see Manchester City play Napoli in the first ever Champions League in the borough of Manchester. The club put on an exhibition inside the stadium to welcome the UEFA delegates to Manchester and greeted the Italians with a sign saying benvenuti which means welcome in Italian.


El Apache, Tevez, Manchester City

El Apache

It was like watching a heavy weight boxing match and Manchester City emerged with the 3 points in the bag to kick off my Saturday night. It got even better when both Arsenal and Liverpool dropped points which made the win even sweeter.


Australian Passport

Australian Passport

I received my passport this week, note under Nationality is Australian. The reason I am not smiling is that Australia has such strict guidelines on what constitutes a valid passport picture. Too close, Too far away, Too dark, Red eye, Not a neutral expression, Hair across eyes, Heavy frames and the list goes on.


Skype Video Call


I have just had my first Skype video conference call with my grandpa. The sound was in and out, sometimes it was clear, as if he was stood next to me and the next it starts breaking up. The video picture on the other hand was excellent. I managed to see my grandpa and caught a quick glimpse of my grandpa in your dressing gown.


Melbourne AFL Final 2005

AFL Grand Final 2005

This weekend I watched my first AFL (Australian Football League) game which was the Final. Instead of having a league they have a ladder with the two teams playing in a final game for the Championship.


champions league

Champions League

I woke up this morning, switched my TV on found myself watching Live champions League Footy!