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 Peppa Pig

Day 3713
Melbourne, Australia
7th June 2014
It was my nephews 2nd Birthday and he has so many toys that I wanted to do something different for him this year.

I know he is a huge Peppa Pig fan and this year his birthday fell on a weekend so I knew he would not have school and his older brother would be there.

I found a company in England who put together a package that flexible as I had no idea if he would love Peppa or be frightened of her. They were very helpful with what I wanted as they are used to dealing with larger parties and not a private show for two but they agreed to it.

I agreed for Peppa Pig to surprise him on his Birthday for breakfast and spend a few hours with the two of them playing and dancing. They brought gifts to give to them both and a professional photography came to capture the moment. These pictures are not the professional one LOL.

They both loved the surprise and I watched them both on faceTime, my younger nephew had a fascination with looking up Peppas skirt. He put his Peppa Pig teddy up her skirt and pretended she was having piglets LOL.

It was a birthday treat that hopefully they will both never forgot but now I have raised the bar I need to think of something good for my other two nephews.

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