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 Gold Class

Day 3289
Melbourne, Australia
9th April 2013
I enjoy eating and watching films and in Australia we have Gold Class which is the first class of cinema entertainment. You can sit in a luxury reclining seat and have food delivered to you throughout the film. It is a great experience providing nobody sits next to you which thankfully has only happened once. I find booking last minute and selecting the middle seat increases your chances of having an empty seat next to you.

I went to see John McClane in another instalment of Die Hard called A Good Day to Die Hard. I hope it is the last time we see John as it was not nearly as good as the first three that came out. The film was only there to keep me entertained whilst I was waiting between courses.

A bottle of water to take in with me, mini burgers and fries, yes they call them fries here to be delivered 30 minutes into the film. A long black and some churros an hour into the film is enough, the film is only 90 minutes.

I can not wait for a longer film so I can fit in some more courses :)

  1. I thank you humbly for shainrg your wisdom JJWY

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