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Day 3056
Manchester, United Kingdom
19th August 2012
I went into Manchester City Center on Saturday to get my hair cut before my hairdresser of twelve years leaves to move down to London. He has got himself a good job working for Trevor Sorbie and I have no plans to go to London for a haircut.

During my hair cut with James he got his replacement to come over to show him how I like my hair cut so the transition would be seamless, he is such a nice guy and I hope the move is successful.

I was walking past Albert Square and the Premier League Trophy was making another appearance, this time without the open top bus. I thought I would get one last picture with it before the new season started and this is it. It was a shame that it was behind glass and I could not even pick it up.

I went into Dunelm Mill in Radcliffe to get some bed sheets and towels for my flat in Leeds and as the lady was scanning each item she was making small piles around her before packing them into bags. It seemed a bit strange but I thought there must be some logic to this madness so I let her be.

I came home and and went to put my sheets straight into the wash and lo and behold my sheets were missing. A very long phone call later with no apology and another trip back to the store to collect my sheets I was finally able to put them in the wash.

I finished the day off by going to the pub for my friends birthday. I was falling asleep as I had under seven hours sleep the night before so I had a double espresso and went in the shower to freshen up and head down to the pub.

It turned out it was not my friends birthday and nor was it her party at the pub which was very amusing as I could have just stayed in with a takeaway and watched Match of the Day but I was out and about and pumped up full off caffeine, there would be no sleep for me.

Today is the first Manchester City home page and I am really looking forward to it. We are already above Liverpool on goal difference and we have not even played a game. #CTID

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