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 Commuting to Leeds

Day 2936
Manchester, United Kingdom
21st April 2012
I have had a nightmare the past two weeks as VISA cancelled my cards due to a security breach and as there were two public holidays it took two weeks for replacements to arrive.

Thankfully I had already booked and paid for my hotel for that period but unfortunately by the time the replacements arrived I could not get a room for the next week.

It worked out my parents were away so I borrowed the car and commuted last week which involved a lot of 5.45AM starts but sleeping in my own bed every night was worth it. I also managed to get more work done having an hour and a half in the office when nobody is there and it is nice and quiet.

It would have been nice to know that the yellow cameras sticking over the motorway were not cameras to monitor traffic but instead average speed cameras so fingers crossed for the next month that no fines arrive.

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