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 Hotel Mistake

Day 2783
Leeds, United Kingdom
20th November 2011
Last week I decided to stay in a different hotel as they do say a change is as good as a holiday and booked in the one opposite the office I work in Leeds called Roomzzz. I however, did not know there were two of them in Leeds and of course I had booked in the one that was over a mile away.

It was a nice flat but very noisy and there was limited food choices around for me to eat but I presume that is what the kitchen is for. The extractor fans in the bathrooms are like mini aeroplane engines which stay on for over 20 minutes after the light has been switched off and you can hear them from both rooms either side of you.

Yesterday I went to see Manchester City beat Newcastle to stay top of the league and remain the only unbeaten side in the Premiership.

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