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 Community Shield

Day 2682
Leeds, United Kingdom
11th August 2011
It has been a very eventful week in England. On Sunday I went down to London for the Community Shield against Manchester United and I can honestly saw I did enjoy a good 10 minutes of the match plus half time,.

I came back from London on Sunday night and went straight back to Leeds on Monday morning feeling very tired and hoping to have a quiet week with plenty of early nights.

The next section I will leave to Ivan Smith who writes for The Punch Home,to a nation of hooded thieves.

Then my brother and his wife had a baby, a boy :) Do not ask me how much he weighed but he is healthy which is all that matters.

Last night in the hotel the fire alarm kept going off so between London, the riots, the baby and lots of work I can not wait to get back to my bed in Manchester for a nice long sleep.

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