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 First Class Train

Day 2672
Leeds, United Kingdom
1st August 2011
I am back in Leeds staying at yes another hotel. First impressions are that it is better than the other two but the lack of plugs near the bed has annoyed me as I like to charge my phone overnight but the free high speed internet is a bonus.

I treated myself to a taxi to town this morning as it was wet and I did not fancy the tram plus as I am staying in Leeds all week I could not leave my dads car parked outside the station.

I then continued the treats and snuggled nicely into my first class seat which was well worth the money. As I opened the door to leave the train with the cattle the stench from there made me realise how pleasant first class was in this heat. There was only myself and one other man in there.

Thankfully I have a first class return on Friday which is always the hardest day to find a seat and I usually have to stand for the first 30 minutes until we reach the first stop but not this week :)

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