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 Pret A Manger

Day 2647
Manchester, United Kingdom
7th July 2011
I have been keeping myself busy the past week but at the moment I can not say anymore than that. I can however tell you that after a meeting I had this morning I headed into the place I have missed a lot since I left England, Pret A Manger.

I am slightly obsessed with sandwiches, I can turn any gourmet meal into a sandwich. I have even been known to cut up a rack of lamb and stuff it in bread when I do not have time to stop working for dinner. I have now mastered eating with one hand whilst typing with the other :)

Pret is a sandwich shop who are based all over the world, apart from Australia. I pleaded with the manager to open a store in Melbourne and she replied that a lot of people come in and say the same, well they say Australia. Err well do something about it LOL.

They now do sandwiches in halves so you can mix and match. I was so involved in eating them with my espresso on the tram back that when I looked up I was at my stop and the doors were closing. I quickly got to my feet and thankfully my slim frame enabled me to slip out as the doors were closing.

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