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Day 2631
Manchester, United Kingdom
21st June 2011
I have been lucky with my first two days back in Manchester as the rain stayed away and the sun was out. It is not warm here but if you have ever lived in rainy Manchester you appreciate a dry day as if it was an Indian summer.

My new Apple MacBook Pro got delivered yesterday morning and it is a stunner. The delivery man from UPS was greeted on the path by a very excited kid waiting for his new toy to arrive.

I am loving the new Intel Core i7 with my meaty 8GB of memory and I can now do facetime in HD to see my nephew. I decided to purchase the 15inch as it was small enough to carry around but still big enough to work on.

  1. Good purchase! Defiantly the best model in the range

  2. Envies…

    • Ivan
    • Wednesday, June 22nd at 9:18am
  3. yeah its a bit special, went for the top model with the better graphics card and upgraded screen,memory and hard drive :)

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, June 22nd at 9:20pm

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