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 Locked Out

Day 2627
Marbella, Spain
18th June 2011
Last night I was on the way out of house to go and get a pancake and as the door was closing I remembered I had not checked the lock and then it clicked shut. I had left the other set of keys in the lock inside which means you can not put your key in from the outside. I was locked out.

I looked up at the sky and sighed, there would be no pancake tonight.

Thankfully the security guard was walking past at that time and explained I had no chance of pushing the key out from the outside and he suggested calling a locksmith out in the morning as it was cheaper.

I was considering that option as I could always sleep at my aunties but a few phone calls later and a handyman was on site working his magic to get me inside. He finally managed to get inside and I am happy to say I slept in my own bed.

Before you laugh and say how stupid, remember Barack Obama got locked out of the White House recently.

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