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Day 2590
Amsterdam, Netherlands
11th May 2011
I am in Amsterdam for two days for my friends birthday and today has been very relaxing with the sun shining but the day did not start as relaxing. I had arranged to be picked up at 4.15 AM to go to Liverpool Airport to get a flight to Amsterdam but I slept through two alarms.

I ended up being awaken at 4.45 AM by my dad shouting 'You have overslept they are waiting for you outside'. I had to ditch the shower and the coffee and sling some clothes on and run out of the house in a daze.

We then drove to Liverpool and just made the flight on final call but I have spent a really enjoyable and funny day in Amsterdam despite the very stressful start to it.

This is my crew out here, what happens in the dam stays in the dam.

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