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Day 2589
Manchester, United Kingdom
11th May 2011
England has changed a lot since I last left seven years ago. When I am usually in England it is only for a week so I do not get a chance to take a step back and observe.

There is so much trash TV on here and everyone is watching them religiously. I thought Australians were obsessed with crime shows but at least they have a story, however flimsy. I did however watch a very enjoyable programme last night about life in Strangeways which is a prison in Manchester.

I have also seen Lube called Tickle sold at the counter in Boots and whilst buying my nephew toys I saw ALCOHOL being sold in test tubes at the counter in another shop. Maybe being a parent and shopping with children does require a shot or two.

I read today that the BBC, Climate Change and Animal Rights are now all classed as religions in England.

I am off to see Manchester City play Spurs tonight which is a very big game in a big week for MCFC CTID.

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