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 Coral Beach

Day 2580
Marbella, Spain
2nd May 2011
I am still in Spain relaxing by the beach and playing with my nephew. It rained yesterday for a bit and Jayden is leaving me today to head back to England. This is a picture of both of us on my balcony. I let my sister and her husband have my room as it has an en-suite bathroom and it was only fair.

I am going to stay the extra few days even though the weather is predicted to be cloudy but it will be a good opportunity to catch up on some work without the distractions of playing with my nephew and the sun glistening off the sea. I am leaving my luggage here as I plan to come back in a few weeks and this way I can avoid having to travel with a suitcase and paying excess baggage fees.

I am watching the football out here and Chelsea, or the linesman did Manchester City a great favour yesterday and we took full advantage of it by beating West Ham. I will be back be in England for the next game.

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