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 Australia Day

Day 2484
Melbourne, Australia
26th January 2011
It is Australia Day here in Australia which is stating the bleeding obvious but I was asked yesterday if England have a public holiday which makes absolutely no sense at all. I put that down to the heat, all strange behaviour is put down to the heat, lack of water or suffering from abuse of alcohol, I use the first two often.

I shall now move onto my favourite topic, the weather which is currently cloudy but is predicted to clear up at lunchtime and become a sunny day.

The temperate is a chilly 23 so the beach is off limits and my advice is to stay inland. If you are thinking about complaining about the cool temperature then do not as it will be 34 this weekend.

Have a great day off work, enjoy the sun, be safe and remember if you go to the loo then take your phone with you.

  1. Or put a password on it!

    • B
    • Wednesday, January 26th at 5:46pm
  2. as Barney often says "Challenge accepted"

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, January 26th at 10:00pm

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