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Day 2362
Melbourne, Australia
26th September 2010
It was like watching a heavy weight boxing match and Manchester City emerged with the 3 points in the bag to kick off my Saturday night. It got even better when both Arsenal and Liverpool dropped points which made the win even sweeter.

Since my last post I have had a hair cut then a visit to the dentist for a clean up. In six weeks I will have to do it all again for my brothers wedding in Manchester. I managed to get an appointment to complete my tax return on Saturday as I do not have any holidays left and I was fortunate to get one on Grand Final Day, I had such problems getting into the city that I was 20mins late and the accountant was anxious to close up for the day and go to the pub to watch the game.

Work is the same, very stressful and not very enjoyable at the moment. apart from one project which is giving me the opportunity to use my jQuery skills. I have a list of unappealing tasks to start on Monday morning which I am not looking forward to.

The sky is blue today which is very appropriate and the sun is shining so hopefully I will be able to have an afternoon snooze in the sun and try not to think about the nasty Monday morning that awaits me.

  1. It was a great game.You would have loved being there..the atmosphere etc (and me!) Looking forward to seeing you very soon Love Dad xx

  2. dont make me jealous, i think the next time I will get to see them play is in a final

    • Simon
    • Monday, September 27th at 12:36am
  3. which one?

    • Raymond
    • Tuesday, September 28th at 4:46am
  4. i dont think they will make one this season

    • simon
    • Tuesday, September 28th at 10:42am
  5. I can't read this text :(

  6. let me guess , ipad?

    • simon
    • Tuesday, October 12th at 7:44am

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