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 Melbourne Storms

Day 2160
Melbourne, Australia
8th March 2010
At 2.40pm on Saturday a dark cloud covered Melbourne and a storm cell unleashed itself and for 20 minutes 19 millimetres of rain bucketed down and 10cm balls of hail with such force that they bounced up from the ground to head height. Walking around yesterday was as if Armageddon had struck Melbourne and now the recovery starts. I feel sorry for all those people in rented cars who are now returning them in exchange for a huge bill for damages, Southern Cross train station had to be evacuated as heavy rain tore a hole in its roof and a deluge splashed down on the train platforms and I am thankful none of my windows were smashed

'The 6th of March 2010 will go down in Melbourne's weather history,' Mr Parkyn said yesterday after briefing Premier John Brumby. 'Lemon-size hail stones in Melbourne? Very rare,' he said. 'And we're talking large lemons - we're not talking your little green ones.'

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