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 Australian Citizenship Ceremony

Day 1975
Melbourne, Australia
3rd September 2009
I am now finally an Australian 1975 days after leaving England and what a great night it was. I was sat between an Indian man and a Chinese woman and we made the night both enjoyable and fun. People from over 20 different countries became Australians tonight and I was only one of three people from the UK. We sang songs, we waved flags, and we applauded when people went up to collect the certificate and plant.

When I went up to collect mine I was consoled on loosing the ashes and that I had swapped sides at the wrong time, the only bad point was somewhere along the way I realised I did not have my plant anymore. I think it was when I had to sign up to vote I must have put it down and not picked it up again but as I live in a flat I am not sure where I would have put it.

The last step is my passport which I have already started to fill out and I am hoping to get it posted on Friday.

It really is true what they say, the immigration ceremony really does make you feel wanted and appreciated and it was nice to see Australians saying the pledge who had never said it or just want to renew them.

I have lots of videos and sometime this weekend I will put some up or if I feel adventuress I may slice them all together.

I leave you now with the vision of us all singing Waltzing Matilda waving aussie flags, I bet you want to see that video :)

  1. The guy who was sat next to me contacted me to say his wife recorded me getting my certificate so a video will follow. people here are so nice. thanks Kaustubh

    • Simon
    • Sunday, June 18th at 3:09am
  2. Can't wait for 'Simon becomes a farkin ozzie' the movie!

  3. Congrats Simon. you'll have to get 51mon.com.au now.

    • Morgan
    • Sunday, June 18th at 10:09pm
  4. very pleased for you Simon but sad also..love you xx

  5. Dont be sad. Now I can come back and see you next year for a few months xxx

    • Simon
    • Friday, June 16th at 7:09am

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