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 Sony Vaio with HDMI

Day 1384
Melbourne, Australia
21st January 2008
My laptop finally decided to call it a day and committed suicide. Cause of Death: Hard drive failure and burnt out motherboard caused by overheating. I managed to remove the hard drive and plug it into my new laptop so I still have my data. This happened on Friday night and Saturday morning having opened it up my worst fears came true. It was beyond repair, 3 years is a very good run for a laptop so I should not really complain. It was not a good start to the weekend. This is my new replacement and it has got HDMI output :). I have to say a big thank you to Simon Whatley for helping me through my Vista Nighmare.

I just got a small rent increase on my flat , which was expected so looks like I will not have to look for a new place for the next 12 months. I just need confirmation that my tenant in England will be renewing his lease.

Work here looks like it has dried up so I will have to throw my CV around and see what is available. I am off to the Australian Open on Wednesday so I will update after that, hopefully it won't finish at 4.30am again as I have had to take today off ill and I cannot afford a 3day week.

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