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 Service Stream XMAS 2007

Day 1354
Melbourne, Australia
23rd December 2007
Wednesday night Service Stream, the company I work for had its Christmas Party at Eurkea. Eurkea is the building I used to live in until early this year, my flat used to be on the 32nd floor and the company had hired out the 89th floor with views streatching miles over melbourne. Amazing views, great food and it was a good night until...... I went to bed and then woke up hours later being sick ..... for several hours it continued. I was so bad I could not even go into work the next day and I had to call in sick.

I am all healthy again now and I have broken up for xmas , yeah!!!!! All I need now is the rain to stop and for the sun to shine. No plans as yet for the xmas period but things will fall into place soon.

Have a great xmas and a happy new year y'all.

  1. thanks Simon..we are to Spain tomorrow..did not go on Thursday as planned but going tomorrow..Nigel and Angie went today and took Grandma with them...Marcus and Stacey and kids are off to Florida..Gail and Roy have been trying to contact you..love you xxx

    • Dad
    • Friday, May 26th at 7:12pm
  2. Have a safe flight. I got an email from them and replied to it last week with a list of places to eat. xxx

    • Simon
    • Thursday, May 25th at 5:12am

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