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Day 1340
Manchester, United Kingdom
9th December 2007
I find it hard to believe that I have just spent nearly 3 weeks in England. It went so fast that I did not post one single story from Manchester so here goes with a quick summary of my holiday.

The wedding was amazing, very hard to speak to so many people on one night all about the same thing, life in Australia whilst trying to absorb as much of my baby sister getting married as possible. She looked amazing which you can see from the picture. If you are unable to see the picture, visit www.51mon.co.uk. Thanks Dad and Mum for an amazing night :kiss:

I went to see City play Reading and Wigan , on separate days, lol we may be good but not that good. I have some very funny footage so I will post that later this week. I missed the winner against Reading and the only goal against Wigan, strange that I see more goals when I am on the other side of the world.

It has been great seeing my family and friends after such a long time. There are many things I do not miss from England, cold toilet seats for one but it is always good to catch up with friends and family.

Finally I am able to enjoy a sporting event at a reasonable time in Australia. I am sat here waiting for the Ricky Hatton fight which is on at 3pm here.

Since I have got back to Melbourne I have been sleeping a lot and watching 3 weeks worth Coronation Street. The weather has been very warm since I got back and I've been having a lot of naps in the sun.

Miss you all

Simon xx

  1. check out the wedding site www.jfmoss.com

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, May 24th at 12:12am

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