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 Happy New Year

Day 998
Melbourne, Australia
1st January 2007
Happy New Year

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year.

  1. And the same to you Simon..missing you xx

    • DAD
    • Tuesday, June 27th at 3:01am
  2. Happy New Year si , hope u had a good one xx

    • Lyns
    • Tuesday, June 27th at 8:01am
  3. WOW , I passed 1000 days and did not even know. It is so hot here at the moment, 100 in the day and I have had to put the aircon on to try and keep cool.

    • Simon
    • Saturday, June 24th at 2:01am
  4. 1002 days ago u left england, where has the time gone man !! xx

    • Lyns
    • Saturday, June 24th at 9:01am

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