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Day 883
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
8th September 2006
I have just landed in dubai, I had just written a huge blog update but as I posted it the wi-fi crashed leaving me with no blog entry. I will attempt to write it again.

I am sat in the longue in Dubai waiting for my next flight to Singapore, the flight was ok, a bit bumpy in parts and at one point all the trays were crashing around us which did make me a bit scared.

It is sad to leave Manchester and all my family but it wont be long till I am back there, only 9 months. I had a much better time this time than last time and I think going to Marbella played a big part.

Miss you all and I will post another update when I am back in Melbourne. Sorry so brief but I can not write it all again.

  1. WOW that was close, when the internet crashed I thought I would go and use the 1st class facilities to do a poo but on the way past the board I noticed that my flight was flashing LAST CALL. As it turns out when the internet went down so did the tantoy system so they could not annonce the flights. The last thing I needed was to be stuck in Dubai. I made the flight and as I write this I am back in my flat in Melbourne about to drop what wanted to come out 14hrs before :sick:

    • Simon
    • Monday, July 2nd at 11:09am
  2. it was great having u over! it has been very quiet since u left!sammy has been sulking for days! we all miss u loads!!!glad ur coming over again in 9 months and hopefully we will meet u somewhere before!too long to wait 9 months!xxx

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