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Day 843
Melbourne, Australia
29th July 2006
Josh has arrived minus any clothing that goes beyond his elbows. Today we went shopping to get him some warm clothes. Apart from that and eating out we have not been out, Josh seems to be falling asleep all the time and he is now.

I am going to wake him up in a bit and go to the Italian Quarter on Lygon Street for some dinner and maybe a few bars. Sunday I am taking him to Melbourne Zoo to see some native Australian Animals.

Hopefully some pictures when he is awake will follow shortly.

  1. he looks like a sleeping beauty.have a great time together..xx:angel:

    • dad
    • Thursday, July 26th at 3:07am
  2. Josh is now in Sydney , we went out last night to South Yarra and walked along Chapel Street which is a huge street with shops and restaurants. We ate at a lovely Spanish place which leads me nicely to only 2 weeks today left till I go to England and Spain.

    • Simon
    • Thursday, June 28th at 4:08am
  3. looking forward to seeing you on Friday x

    • dad
    • Monday, July 9th at 10:08am

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