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 England WC2006

Day 796
Melbourne, Australia
12th June 2006
This week I have had a cold so I have been recovering for the start of the World Cup. I hope you like my Manchester St George Flag with my very 1st piece of red clothing, my England Shirt.

It has started and it is very strange watching it here as normally I am used to the constant mentioning of the world cup in the media but here it is very limited. There are no Nike or Addias adverts :( I am hoping that once Australia start playing the media exposure will increase.

I have watched the first few games but the last ones are on at 5am so it is very hard to stay up and watch those, unless England are playing.

Today is the Queens birthday so it is a public holiday, tonight Australia play Japan so fingers crossed, they can get three points.

  1. c'mon England :encool:

    • Simon
    • Friday, July 13th at 5:06am
  2. Australia are now out of the WC so now I only have to support England. Thankfully we have a few days off so I can catch up on my sleep before the weekend games. No news here , its just work,football and sleep. IN THAT ORDER :dance:

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, July 25th at 5:06am
  3. hi si! how r u? just managed to get into youe website at work! buzzing they dont normally give us access! gonna surf this for a bit now till i get clocked and lobbed off! cant wait to see u!! x

    • fran
    • Monday, July 2nd at 7:07am
  4. my work blocked BB so we couldnt watch it at work. Looking forward to seeing you all xx

    • Simon
    • Tuesday, July 3rd at 10:07am

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