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Day 780
Melbourne, Australia
28th May 2006
Thursday Night I went to Australia vs Greece in the MCG where the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games were held. It is a fantastic stadium, holding 100,000 people with prime views wherever you sit, I hope Wembley ends up being as good.

The game was not the best , George Samaras had a bad first half and was taken off at half time, there was pressure for him to start the game as his dad was born in Melbourne and played for South Melbourne. The goal that settled the game (aus won 1-0) was worthy of the world cup, a superb volley. I sat next to a guy who turned out to be from Sale in Manchester and knew some of the same people I did, its a small world.

I purchased a blender and juicer last week , so I have currently been blending and juicing fruit and I seem to now be averaging 15 pieces of fruit a day!!!

  1. I suggest you have an emergnecy plumber standing by just in case of problems with your drainage system..you really are a fruity person aren?t you...xx

    • DAD
    • Thursday, July 26th at 5:05am
  2. Dont joke about plumbing, several pipes burst inside the Eureka Building, where I live and flooded over 20 floors. I now have to buy contents insurance to protect my plasma and laptop in case it happens again.

    • Simon
    • Friday, July 27th at 11:05pm

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