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 Birthday Weekend

Day 613
Melbourne, Australia
12th December 2005
Thanks everyone for your cards and phone calls. Friday night I celebrated my birthday by going to the pub at lunch for drinks with people from work then at 4.30 we went upstairs onto the roof at work and had some more drinks with the same crowd plus a few more. Then we headed into the city and went to a bar and sat there till about 2am, also drinking. Are you picking up the theme here? Jodie came down and met some people from work but I dont think it was her scene, i.e to much drinking. Then came Nev, who is married to Tania who works for LP. He arrived from a xmas party with a scouser so the drinking then got worse, lol.

Saturday I recovered all day and could not make it out Sat Night. Sunday I spent sunbaking (sunbathing) and then for dinner I went to Nev and Tania's for a BBQ and headed on to Scotts launch party for his new CD. I'm ready to detox and sleep all week. Night All.

  1. what is that all over your arms? have u had a few tatoos? sounds like u had a good time on ure birthday! plenty of drinking!:drunk: sounds like the lot at my work! i am off out with work for our xmas do on wed going out for 2hours of drinking and then a curry!! sweet!! can see i am gonna be ill! :sick::sick: going to see the fugees on wed! hope u have recovered from ure birthday! xx

  2. meant am seeing the fugees on tue!!:hiphop:

  3. :hiphop::hiphop::hiphop:

  4. hi fran, I didnt know the fugees were still togeather. it should be a good concert. Enjoy it. Yes I got some tattoos, what do you think? They are only on my arms and they finish well before my wrists so they dont show when I am wearing a shirt.

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, July 4th at 2:12am
  5. Fran Believed you about the tatoos! Sounds as if you had a liquid celebration..hope you didn't suffer too much..was Jodi annoyed then?City were rubbish on saturday..you just never know what to expect with them do you..Love dad xx

    • dad
    • Wednesday, July 4th at 6:12pm
  6. Hi dad, yes i thought she would fall for it. No Jodie wasnt annoyed. I was with her the night before for her friends birthday and warned her that everyone would be smoking and drinking. Saw city highlights, if you can call them that.

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, July 4th at 7:12pm
  7. Just watched riots in Sydney..Australia does not appear to be safe..come home quickly!!!!!!!! Well it was worth a try!!!

    • DAD
    • Thursday, July 5th at 6:12am
  8. nice try dad but i dont recall us leaving Manchester when the riots were in Bradford and Birmingham. Sorry dad it will have to spread to Melbourne before I consider leaving. This is the 3rd one in Sydney since I have been in Australia.

    • Simon
    • Friday, July 6th at 8:12pm
  9. Hi Si.. Dec 26-30 - AUSTRALIA v ENGLAND (4th 3-mobile Test) Melbourne If your still there, we can all come over and visit :) Boxing Day Test in Mebourne. 100,000+ people Hope you well. and those tatoos did come off! MD X

    • Marcus
    • Tuesday, July 10th at 7:12pm
  10. Is that the ashes? I'm going to some tickets for that coz that will be a cracker. I got a ticket today for the boxing day match this year, it will my first cricket match.

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, July 11th at 3:12am

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