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Day 602
Melbourne, Australia
30th November 2005

Today my new plasma arrived and wow it is so big, it seems size does matter in this case. It is a shame that City are on Monday morning and not Sunday but I am going to try and wake up to watch it on my big screen.

Saturday night is the office xmas party in the theme of cowboys so on goes the cowboy hat and jeans, I may have a party next weekend and make it dress in your own clothes.

Off to watch a very big Neighbours.

  1. Hi Si..Looks like a nice TV..very big...and also a nice haircut...have you had a number 1...looks good....hope your ok just seen on tv the golf cancelled in Melbourne due to thunder and lightning...you should go to your party as an england cricketer..and get yourself a one day kit!

    • Marcus
    • Saturday, June 23rd at 5:12am
  2. No my hair isnt that short. I dont understand the weather reports here, its a bit cloudy here today but everyday they predict rain and we havnt seen any rain for weeks, although they are saying it will rain this weekend.

    • Simon
    • Saturday, June 23rd at 6:12pm
  3. nice t.v! is that in your bedroom or t.v room? hair does look nice, have u dyed it dark? x

  4. Its in the tv room, a bit big for my bedroom, this is my natural colour, i've had all the colour cut out.

    • Simon
    • Sunday, June 24th at 11:12pm
  5. looks nice! (your hair) and the t.v! on the subject of t.v's has yours got hd? if so would u only get one now with hd? x

  6. Yes it has HD, it does make a difference but it is not something I would specifically look for. It all depends on how good your tv signal is, because i live in the ciry mine is not to good to HD has a booster which means I can get a better pic.

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, June 27th at 7:12pm
  7. Happy Birthday Si! Sent you a card on Tuesday so apologies if it gets there a bit late..Have a great B Day Hope the weather there is warmer than here XXX

    • Marcus
    • Sunday, July 1st at 7:12am
  8. Hi, thanks its been sunny here for the past few days, had a good night with some friends, most from work and we just had a few drinks at work then went to a bar and stayed there till 1.30am. Off to a friends CD launch on Sunday.

    • Simon
    • Monday, July 2nd at 6:12am

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