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 Leaving Vegas

Day 579
Las Vegas, USA
8th November 2005
We have left Vegas but it was not as straight foward as we hoped.

First we turned up at the airport and found the flight had been moved earlier so we missed the first flight. We were then on standby for the 2nd flight which we managed to get on. However on boarding the plane they discovered that security had let us through without completing the correct procedures and had not stamped our boarding passes. So I ran with my mum back to the gate which meant a 2nd trip on the monorail back to the terminal.

When I got there they said 'OK can we see Raymond Donn's passport', I replied 'Raymond?' and so it turned out they had let my dad on the plane with my ticket so off i ran back to the plane to find out we had then missed the 2nd flight.

3rd time lucky..... after making 5 trips on the monorail, security ( i say security but really it was a farce) gave us such a hard time and made us go through a puffer machine and re-examined all our luggage. We ran back to the gate and they pushed us on the flight which was leaving but I discovered at that point my boarding ticket was in the name of Somon , we kept quiet , they didnt check and so we finally managed to leave Vegas minus our luggage which was on the 1st flight.

In conclusion , security at Vegas is a joke, so many people failed to do there job and my bag went through the xray machine 3 times and still they failed to see my lighter. The staff were rude and uncooperative and if USA want to encourage tourism they are going about it the wrong way. Will I ever come back to America again and spend our money....you must be joking. Spend your money in a country that appreciates it and not in a place who is only interested in invading countries for profit.

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