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 Family Reunion

Day 576
Las Vegas, USA
4th November 2005
Wow, what a lovely surprise to see Marcus, Francesca and Josh in the lobby of the hotel when we arrived in Vegas. I did not expect to see them till next year so it was amazing to see them all. Thanks Mum and Dad for arranging it all.

We popped in to some hotels today and saw the Gondoleers, The Eiffel Tower and anything else that the Americans can fit into one strip.

  1. Hi si , you must be so buzzing to have them all there and must have been a lovely suprise for you , say hi to fran from me and the rest of the crew xx

    • Lyns
    • Wednesday, June 27th at 6:11am
  2. tonight Fran and I are going to see the show - Le Reve, Mum,dad and Josh are going to Celine Dion and Marcus is going to U2. This is a quiet night in Vegas.

    • Simon
    • Thursday, June 28th at 9:11pm
  3. hi si, was really nice to see u! hope its not too long till c u next. have u met those girls yet? were they uriguyan or mongolian? x

  4. Hi fran , it was great seeing you all. I've booked my next flight, it is not till Aug and I'll spend a week in Marbella so get your holidays booked!!

    • Simon
    • Sunday, July 15th at 5:11am

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