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 New Haircut

Day 548
Melbourne, Australia
8th October 2005
I was quoted in the newspaper today, the Herald Sun about a comment made by the Former chief commissioner about everyone should have a parachute in flats and offices in case of a terrorist attack.

So my reaction , on page 3 was as follows. You can read the full story here

< img src='http://www.51mon.co.uk/photo/eureka_parachute_2005.jpg'>

  1. If you jumped into the river your hair would get wet!

    • DAD
    • Monday, July 2nd at 10:10am
  2. Hi Simon, Very good getting your name in print ..looks good..wont comment on the hair..i know for some reason Aussies love getting their hair dyed Blonde! As long as you dont change your name to Shane! I saw on Tv they had the cricket from the Telstra Dome - seems to be a bit of rain in Melbourne...hope your well and had a good weekend. Marcus X p.s dont forget to fast Thursday Yom Kippor!

    • Marcus
    • Wednesday, July 4th at 6:10am
  3. it is because the lighter your hair the browner your face looks!!!!

    • Simon
    • Thursday, July 5th at 3:10am
  4. You are looking very tanned si ...

    • Lyns
    • Thursday, July 5th at 10:10am
  5. Have a good Yomtov and well over the fast,,xx

    • dad
    • Thursday, July 5th at 5:10pm
  6. Thanks dad and all the family fast well. I went to shool last night, very bizzare. The women led the service, everyone drove there and no one seemed to know that you were not supposed to wear leather.

    • Simon
    • Saturday, July 7th at 12:10am
  7. Thanks for your card Grandpa, Good Yomtov

    • Simon
    • Saturday, July 7th at 4:10am
  8. i am on my psp writing this in the sun by the river!

    • simon
    • Monday, July 9th at 3:10am

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