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 Charity Ball

Day 542
Melbourne, Australia
2nd October 2005
Tonight I went to a Young Professionals Charity Ball at the Melbourne Aquarium. The event was to support four charities: the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, beyondblue, Child Wise and Oxfam Australia.

There were bands, food and wine over three levels with all the fish on view. Normally you need to decorate a hall but this place was already done with some of the most amazing fish on display. Imagine dancing with sharks swimming over your heads in a glass tunnel, AMAZING. Also a car which had been converted into a fish tank, no one dared attempt to open the car door but I image they had that covered. The only worrying thing was the fish they served whilst fish swimmed over your heads, it all seemed so wrong but its rude not to at least try everything once.

This is a picture of me in the jaws of a very large shark. As summer is nearly upon us the events are coming thick and fast, Thursday is Spiegeltent, more to follow on this but if you can not wait click here

  1. Hiya Simon..glad to see the suit arrived safely.Been playing golf today at wentworth in Surrey and have to be up tomorrow morning early for the match kick off 11.15(to suit the Chinese Tv).Love you and looking forward to seeing you soon.xx

    • dad
    • Monday, June 25th at 7:10pm
  2. Hi Simon . Happy Rosh Hashona and hope your all ok overthere and having a good time - keep well XXX

    • Marcus
    • Saturday, June 30th at 5:10am
  3. Hi Simon,great to see you are having a good time.Spare a thought for us in not so sunny Skipton, and you will be happy to know it's still bedlum here.Have you got a new outfit for the dog:bye:

  4. Thanks Marcus same to you. Alison , think of all the health benefits living in the UK, the sun is very bad for you.

    • Simon
    • Sunday, July 1st at 7:10am
  5. Hi Simon, Put another photograph of you on the website.

    • Alison
    • Sunday, July 1st at 8:10am

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