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Day 508
Melbourne, Australia
28th August 2005
I am nearly settled in my flat, in the next few days I should have my broadband installed and my webcam up and running.

This is the view from my balcony , this weekend has been very hot and no clouds in the sky.

Manchester City are 2nd , Melbourne Victory snatched a draw against Sydney after Dwight Yorke scored so overall its been a great weekend.

  1. Hey Si! Nice view, how far is it from your last place? Do you still have your Boost n MAx Brenner....very jealous! Hope all else is good, Nomes

    • guest
    • Thursday, June 28th at 7:09am
  2. Hi Si . MAzel on your new place - wish you lots of luck and happiness there - and hope your well love marcus x

    • Marcus
    • Thursday, June 28th at 2:09pm
  3. Hi Nomes, I've only moved down the road so I am living by the Yarra River next to the crown casino. I still have a boost next door to my building. < br> Hi Marcus, Thanks , hope your ok< br> Grandpa, I hope your operation went well and I will try and give you a call on Sat

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, July 4th at 7:09pm

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