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 IT Xmas Party

Day 322
Melbourne, Australia
23rd February 2005

This afternoon we had the IT department xmas party. We were picked up at work at 1pm and told to bring comfy shoes and sun cream would be provided. For some reason , maybe due to the extreme warm weather we went bowling , in the same building my flat is in!!!

They supplied food and drink and we had been split into teams and given t-shirts in team colours, mine was the white team. My team didnt win the highest score prize but we still pulled off 4 awards. Highest Individual Scorer not me , Best Fall not me , Most Likely to follow the ball me ! and one other which was not won by me. The reason I won mine was as the day progressed and I drank more it became harder and harder to release my fingers from the ball when prompted.

Only two more work days left and I will start my trip back to England.

  1. Sounds like fun! What was the suncream for? At least you did not have far to go to get home..looking forward to seeing you on Sunday x

    • DAD
    • Wednesday, July 25th at 5:02pm
  2. i think it was a red herring. Looking forward to seeing you all but not the cold weather. all I heard this morning on TV whilst watching united loose was how bitterly cold it was in Manchester.

    • simon
    • Wednesday, July 25th at 7:02pm
  3. he he. you idiot!

    • gnomee
    • Friday, July 27th at 3:02am

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