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 Xmas Party

Day 235
Melbourne, Australia
28th November 2004

Last night was Lonely Planets christmas party and the weather outside was in the 80's which makes a change from the usual xmas freeze.

It was in a warehouse turned club and there was food and free booze there plus entertainment from the Lonely Planet band which seemed to consist of around 30 employees. It was a good night and gave me chance to meet other people from work.

It is sunday now and I have just come home from the park where they close down the whole street and have a billy cart race which ends in the park. It was very funny , I kept expecting Dennis the Menace to come down the hill.

  1. :lol:merry xmas Simon...I am impressed that you can remember what it was like...understand Edward Manson and Johnny Brownleader will be in Melbourne in the next day or so. love dad x

    • dad
    • Sunday, July 22nd at 5:11pm
  2. hi dad, i was on my best behaviour, maybe I will bump into them whilst they are here.

    • simon
    • Sunday, July 22nd at 7:11pm
  3. Christmas comes early in Aus - In November!

    • Santa
    • Tuesday, July 24th at 4:11pm
  4. loads of companies have parties in nov, also it is a large company and we have 3 seperate parties. next week we are having a BBQ. :hiphop:

    • simon
    • Tuesday, July 24th at 5:11pm
  5. hope its kosher...no shrimps!

  6. of course, kosher all the way, I always make sure I remove the bacon from my burgers :pedoo:

    • simon
    • Tuesday, July 24th at 7:11pm
  7. And no cheese! not allowed milk & meat:sick:

  8. Happy Birthday Simon! I put your card and present in the post today, nothing heavy cos postage all the way over there is a fortune! Ive sent you some clobber as it weighs less Shame we wont be able to celebrate your 30th with you, but at least you'll look good, Well hope you arrange something good for your B day, and gather a few aussie mates for a night out Its hard shopping for someone else, with you living in a different season, but Ive done my best hopefully the gear will fit, and will be wearable over there - got you some bright stuff - you couldnt get away with it here but in the sun you should be cool - You can post some pics modelling your new gear Spk Soon Love MArcusX

    • Marcus
    • Tuesday, June 26th at 1:12pm
  9. thanks very much , as long as you havent got me xl I'm sure it will be great , pictures will follow

    • Simon
    • Wednesday, June 27th at 5:12am
  10. Happy Birthday Simon We like to email so let me have your address pleased to hear you are well. Jonathan's "on the road" selling teddy bears & religion.Tammy & Michael are only a few weeks away from the birth of the Baby Shneck PG. Anyway have a great 30th.lots of love from ALL the Shnecksxx

  11. thanks

    • simon
    • Monday, July 2nd at 10:12pm
  12. Sorry your gift hasn't arrived just sorting it out let us know if you receive it in the meantime.Got problems with my email so use Howard's to correspond until further notice. Lots of love from St Annes on Sea XXXX

  13. I keep looking every day to see its a shame it hasnt turned up. Miss You Both xx

    • Simon
    • Thursday, July 5th at 4:12am
  14. :kiss:thank you all for your best wishes and cards.

    • simon
    • Thursday, July 5th at 4:12am
  15. Hi Simon Sending this from Belfast met up with Jonathan last night as he was working over here.Can you send Grandma & granpa an email as he doesn't get to see your reply. Enjoy the Holidays & happy new Year.If you reply to howards@anker.co.uk then I will forward to St.Annes for you. XX

  16. I will send you an email tonight so you can pass it to him.

    • Simon
    • Sunday, July 8th at 11:12pm

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