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 Crown Fires

Day 221
Melbourne, Australia
14th November 2004

When mum and dad were here we were having dinner outside there hotel by the river when all of a sudden this ball of flame came out of the sky. Which turned out to be columns which on the hour sent out bursts of fire, they did it 10 times and each time they get stronger and hotter.

Anyway , here is a picture of it.

  1. Hi Si Great Picture - very artistic and clever how it changes, very good, hopes all gone well at work and you've heard about your Visa Spk Soon MArcus

    • Marcus
    • Tuesday, July 17th at 1:11pm
  2. I should find out this week but I was just told everything should be OK. They are just looking at the final details. On the plus side this means I still have a job and somewhere to live but on the other hand it means I will only be doing a flying visit into the UK in March.

    • simon
    • Tuesday, July 17th at 10:11pm

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