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 Mum and Dad

Day 200
Melbourne, Australia
24th October 2004

My mum and dad have both been in town this week and I was supposed to be showing them around but instead it has been them showing me around.

I have had a great time with them and it has been lovely seeing them both again. I have eaten some amazing meals washed down with champers and red wine. In all I have eaten very well this week.

They have gone off the Barrier Reef for a few days and then the will be back so until then its back to junk food.

We have been up the Great Ocean Road and stayed in Lorne for the night, been on a river cruise and even located a kosher deli.

  1. Nice pic, bet it was nice having them there! has it tempted u to come back....just think u could be eating nice meals washed down with champers every night! x:drunk:

    • guest
    • Sunday, July 22nd at 11:10am
  2. that was me by the way-fran x

    • guest
    • Sunday, July 22nd at 11:10am
  3. sorry fran, you wont see me before Feb. It is just getting warm here and I want to spend xmas here. xx

    • Simon
    • Monday, July 23rd at 4:10am
  4. http://www.stopgap.co.uk/index.cfm?articleid=588&parent_id=588

    • guest
    • Monday, June 25th at 8:11am

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