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Day 186
Melbourne, Australia
10th October 2004

I woke up thinking today was going to be like any other Sunday. As I walked around Sainsburys grabbing some food for the week down by the floor I caught sight of .... VIMTO

This day has gone down as one you never forget, like where I was when I first discovered Vimto in Spain.

Hmmm all I need now is Hellman's Mayonnaise and i'm shweet as!

  1. glad u found some, mum was going to bring u some out!fran x

    • guest
    • Thursday, July 5th at 1:10pm
  2. tell her thanks but i've located some , although it is in a very strange bottle but it still tastes the same, I just need some ice now to give me the perfect ice code vimto.

    • simon
    • Thursday, July 5th at 7:10pm
  3. sank a 1.5L bottle filled with Vimto after it spent a few hours in the fridge. WOW THAT WAS GOOD :dance:

    • simon
    • Tuesday, July 10th at 2:10am
  4. Hope you got your mayo ok - me & fran were running around he supermarket the day b4 your mum & dad were due to fly out getting you mayo !!

    • guest
    • Monday, July 16th at 6:10am
  5. josh is that you? yes i did thank you and also thanks for the CDS you burnt

    • simon
    • Monday, July 16th at 7:10pm
  6. No si - it Lyns - i went with fran to get your mayo ...:)

    • guest
    • Tuesday, July 17th at 10:10am
  7. Did you see Vimto have been fined and have to change their labelling as there is no added vitmain c in it whatsoever

    • guest
    • Tuesday, July 24th at 10:10am
  8. no I did not. They can still do no harm in my eyes.

    • simon
    • Wednesday, July 25th at 4:10am
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/essex/3747766.stm

    • guest
    • Thursday, July 26th at 1:10am

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