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Day 148
Bondi, Australia
2nd September 2004

Well, finally I have purchased myself a computer. I can not afford it but I felt I needed one as it was getting so expensive and time consuming having to use the internet cafe's poor computers.

Plus the entire Sydney is one huge hotspot!!! no wires and I am online

  1. I sell the wifi cables if theres hotspots !!

    • Lyns
    • Monday, July 2nd at 9:09am
  2. :D hhhmmm let me order one please lol

    • simon
    • Tuesday, July 3rd at 9:09pm
  3. oh .. sydneys one big hotspot .. soz si , misunderstood

    • guest
    • Wednesday, July 4th at 8:09am
  4. you should have just left it as a joke, i found it very funny :lol:

    • simon
    • Thursday, July 5th at 12:09am

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