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Day 93
Mission Beach, Australia
9th July 2004

yo yo , chillin in Mission Beach. They have some strange laws out here, because the pub is a smoking pub by law you MUST NOT eat any food inside , you must eat it outside. The pub must not smell of food but tobacoo and booze is fine.

lol, how funny is that?

  1. Hi Si Hope your ok Went to Frans graduation Day yesterday - was a lovely day Saw her in her hat & gown, very good! Then we went out for dinner... Josh has now turned into a healh nut and is going to the gym every day - well for this week anyway! Hope your having a great time, and good look with the Job Interviews - im sure you'll have something fixed up soon P.S You got to sort yourself out with some decent shades - those look a bit zebra-ish! Keep going with the tanning! Wweathers crap here in uk, summer hasnt started yet! MArcus X

    • Marcus
    • Saturday, July 14th at 8:07pm
  2. P.s Today is your 100th Day - Well Done !

    • Marcus
    • Saturday, July 14th at 8:07pm

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