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Day 62
Byron Bay, Australia
8th June 2004
Well I got sick of moving around and packing and unpacking and having to lock all my stuff up every time I went outside.

So .... I have rented a beach house for 2 weeks , not by myself though. I have shacked up with someone :D

  1. looks nice any chance of seeing who he shacked up wit??????????????????;)

    • robert
    • Saturday, July 7th at 1:06pm
  2. :dance: you better get on a plane then

    • simon
    • Sunday, July 8th at 3:06am
  3. Well Done Si - Hope its going well -Surely she is ok enough to put a picture up :) It Better be a She otherwise then we really will be on a plane out there! Just got back from Jamos wedding in SofFrance - Very nice weekend , Carlo got lucky with the make up girl and got some triffic pictures on his digital cam , Jonny Goldstone played the tunes like it was the old days....A great night was had by all

    • MArcus
    • Sunday, July 8th at 9:06am
  4. i am not a he.

    • sheila
    • Friday, July 13th at 7:06am
  5. Hi Si & Sheila, Nice to hear from you, Hope your both having a great time, Just spoke to Dad , and he gave me an update, do you know whether you will be able to knock that website together for me, we might even maybe be able to pay you something for it! Only maybe though, have you managed to get hold of a PC for yourself? Speak Soon MArcus.

    • Marcus
    • Friday, July 13th at 1:06pm
  6. Ye si.... wats with the secrecy??? lets have a look at her... or is she just a figment of ur imagination hun?!

    • Vix
    • Saturday, July 14th at 8:06am
  7. Today is Day 69 Enjoy Si & Sheila

    • Marcus
    • Saturday, July 14th at 12:06pm
  8. Today is Day 69 Enjoy Si & Sheila

    • Marcus
    • Saturday, July 14th at 12:06pm
  9. I cant upload any pics from here

    • simon
    • Sunday, July 15th at 4:06am

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