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Day 47
Sydney, Australia
24th May 2004

If the meeting goes well this afternoon then hopefully I should have a 3 month contract working in Robina in the Gold Coast. Ronina is supposed to be the information technology hub of the Gold Coast, with vast new technology parks opening up.

Combined with that and the beach and being so close to Surfers Paradise makes this job sound perfect. Even the offices are situated on the beach.

I will update tomorrow when I know more and hopefully I can start making plans to move up north and start to earn some dollars as this is not a never ending holiday.

  1. not heard anything yet so just booked myself a train to Surfers Paradise , its on the way up North and towards where my interview is so it is best I start to make my way up there as its far to cold here now.

    • simon
    • Wednesday, July 25th at 11:05pm
  2. Good luck with the interview our kid :drunk:

    • Marcus
    • Friday, July 27th at 7:05am
  3. The client has now put the project on hold for 2 weeks so going to hire a car and drive through the Gold Coast and then hopefully head to Byron Bay for a bit.

    • simon
    • Saturday, July 28th at 7:05pm

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