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Day 38
Sydney, Australia
15th May 2004
I have been in Sydney for around 10 days now I think. Its going well here but the weather is slowly getting colder. To get to Manly you get the ferry from Sydney Central, which is very cool how you can get ferries all night to different locations.

I am going to try and travel up the coast where it is warmer and get some work. I should no more when I meet the IT recruitment agency on Monday now I have my tax code.

  1. test

    • Simon
    • Monday, July 16th at 7:05pm
  2. Hi Simon Hope your enjoying yourself, weather is sunny in England at the moment, apart from that not much else going on, England squad has been announced today for Euro 2004 - no surprises - no swp Keep enjoying the travelling ! Have you met any nice company yet Marcus XXX

    • Simon
    • Tuesday, July 17th at 1:05pm
  3. that is very cool take care mate :bush:

    • robert
    • Tuesday, July 24th at 11:05am
  4. yes i have , going up to Robina in the Gold Coast this week.

    • simon
    • Tuesday, July 24th at 8:05pm

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