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 Leaving Melbourne

Day 3404
Melbourne, Australia
2nd August 2013
After a long day at work I left Melbourne at midnight to go first to England and then onto Spain to meet up with my family. I had trouble staying awake for my fight and I was petrified that I would fall asleep at home and miss it.

It was a decent trip with Malaysian Airlines in Business. I got told off by immigration in Australia as when I was checking into my flight I handed over my British Passport by accident.

When I then had to go through passport control and they scanned my British Passport it did not show up a valid visa and he told me off for not handing in the correct passport.

I slept most of the flight which was good but the connection was two hours delayed so they told me I would miss my next connection in London but we managed to make the time up in the air and I managed to catch my flight from London to Manchester.

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