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Day 594
Melbourne, Australia
22nd November 2005
This weekend I purchased a bike, all I can say is I think it looks pretty cool but I cant tell you what to do with the 21 gears.

So on Sunday I rode around the Yarra River to get used to it and sat on Sunday nursing my sore bum. On Monday morning I hopped on my bike and rode to work. It is about a 20min ride and there is a bike path the entire way so I do not even have to ride on a road. And now Tuesday night I can say after riding to work twice , my bum is not sore anymore and its quite enjoyable on top of saving me money on public transport and it is healthy.

I have booked my next trip back to the UK to see my family and friends, August 2006.

  1. Good Luck with the bike.August seems so far away...its freezing here...xx

    • DAD
    • Saturday, July 21st at 4:11pm
  2. lol!! cant believe u r riding to work!! i would never ever thought i would see the day that you would ride a bike to work!!not that i will see it! good on you si!! it is very healthy, just dont go any thinner!! x:lol:

  3. :) cant wait 2 c u in august!

  4. Its a great ride into work and if i am to tired after work I can just put it on the train, its summer here now so the weather is perfect for a bike ride and its flat all the way to work. Although it is supposed to be rain for the next few days so I may leave it at home and get the train into work. Looking foward to Aug but its a long way away.

    • Simon
    • Sunday, June 24th at 11:12pm
  5. My bike has been stolen from the garage inside my building :rain::(:rain:

    • Simon
    • Saturday, July 7th at 6:01am
  6. guess you are now following an unhealthy expensive lifestyle!!

    • dad
    • Thursday, July 12th at 11:01am
  7. If you want to see your bike again....... leave $500 at Ayers Rock by midnight tonight.

    • guest
    • Saturday, July 14th at 10:01am

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