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 Harlem Globetrooter

Day 227
Melbourne, Australia
20th November 2004
I have just come back from the game but the lady at the information office sent me on the wrong tram to a different stadium which was not very good at all.

The show was amazing, those guys can fly and the tricks and twists they can pull off are totally sick , aussie for cool!! The seat was amazing , right at the front and in the action. I could actually smell the BO off those guys when they were playing infront of me.

My only complaint, where were the cheerleaders?

  1. Great Clip, but the BO sounds horrible! Arsenal are a bit like the Harlem Globetrotters to me, showboaters! Just an exhibition team! Its Fergies 1000th game in charge tonight in the Champions League.

    • Marcus
    • Tuesday, July 17th at 1:11pm

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