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 Vallantyen Bavolyar

Day 88
Sailing, Australia
4th July 2004

This is Valii, she is half french and hungrian and is a true surfer babe.

I have been camping on Frasier Island with her and then we went on the boat trip schnorkling and visting ream islands. She was a life saver and saved my sanity, what a friend I have here now in Australia.

So to you Valii , who provided me with many hysterical moments during our trip.

Surf Well Dude you dirrty dirrty girl.

  1. thanks si......it was a pleasure

    • guest
    • Thursday, July 5th at 1:07am
  2. v, pleasure was all mine

    • simon
    • Thursday, July 5th at 5:07am
  3. Shes a hottie man

    • Vix
    • Wednesday, July 11th at 8:07am
  4. What a Doll! Well Done Si, Great connection, and she sounds as lovely as she looks , word of advice to Valli if your reading this - Simon's my bro and top dude so give him all you got - England Rocks! Would b great to see you two coming home together! Ah Ha - Ok thats enough Stirring! Good Luck you 2

    • Marcus
    • Saturday, July 14th at 8:07pm

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